"आओ दो दो हाथ बढ़ाये, बच्चो को अधिकार दिलाये " “GIVE HAND TO FIGHT FOR CHILDREN’S AND WOMEN’S RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT”


Welcome to Bal Vikas Dhara


• Awareness, sensitization and mobilization of communities through different modes.
• Report building with the community.
• Building organization and capacity building.
• Linkages with likeminded people, organization and networks.
• Influencing policy in favor of poor and marginalized through peaceful & constructive means.
• Local resource mobilization.


Bal Vikas Dhara as per its plan and budget includes CBOs and community members for the effective implementation of the activities. The process of implementation has been described in five folds:
Capacity Building-Trainings, workshops, group meetings, community meetings, gali meetings, home visits etc.
Advocacy- Sensitization to policy makers, Politicians, media, other stakeholders to mobilize community people etc.
Campaign- Rally, Protest camp, Interface, conference, distribution of literatures, news paper publication etc
Networking- Linkage with Public Administration, NGOs, civil Society Organizations, Govt. Depts., Judiciary, Media, Institutions etc.
Record Keeping & Documentation-Bal Vikas Dhara keeps the records as well as photographs of all implemented activities.