"आओ दो दो हाथ बढ़ाये, बच्चो को अधिकार दिलाये " “GIVE HAND TO FIGHT FOR CHILDREN’S AND WOMEN’S RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT”

About Us

Welcome to Bal Vikas Dhara

"Bal Vikas Dhara(BVD) is a registered Non Government Organization, has been working in Delhi & part of Haryana in the field of women empowerment, child development, youth employability and empowerment activities for more than 2 decades."

The main focus of the organization had initially been with the children who engaged in the exploitative climate. The organization enrolled the non school going children’s from rag picking community for the NFE centres run by the organization. It has promoted self-help groups among women's and youth. It has provided necessary training, motivation and skills to them for critically analyzing their problems and to come out with suitable plan of action for their development. The training is entirely based on participatory learning methods. Hence, according to the local problems and issues, the development activities in environment, health, education, collective employment etc are undertaken. It has established links with various national & international NGOs, Government and other agencies and is undertaking consultancy, and training and support service.

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