"आओ दो दो हाथ बढ़ाये, बच्चो को अधिकार दिलाये " “GIVE HAND TO FIGHT FOR CHILDREN’S AND WOMEN’S RIGHT AND EMPOWERMENT”



Children's rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minors.

Child is a one of weaker and marginalized section of the society. United Nation Convention on the Right of the Child (UNCRC) on 20 November 1989 declared four major rights of a child; Right to survive, Right to protection, Right to development, Right to participation. India has signed this declaration on 1992. All rights are equally important and are connected to each other. Children are born with these rights which no one can take away. Many adults are responsible to help protect your rights and do what is best for you. As they grow, they have more authority to make choices and exercise their rights. The basic and main objective of Bal Vikas Dhara is to ensure all rights of a child.

1.Right to survive is first right declared by UNO. A child's right to survival begins before a child is born. According to Government of India, a child life begins after twenty weeks (140 days) of conception. Hence the right to survival is inclusive of the child rights to be born, healthy food and clean water, right to minimum standards of food, shelter and clothing, and the right to live with dignity. Bal Vikas Dhara is running several number of program so that right to survive could be insure to children.

2.Right to development Children have the right to all forms of development: Emotional, Mental and Physical. Emotional development is fulfilled by proper care and love of a support system, mental development through education and learning and physical development through recreation, play and nutrition.

2.Right to development Children have the right to all forms of development: Emotional, Mental and Physical. Emotional development is fulfilled by proper care and love of a support system, mental development through education and learning and physical development through recreation, play and nutrition.

3.A child has the right to be protected from neglect, exploitation and abuse at home, and elsewhere. Moreover, it includes protection from/management of natural as well as manmade hazards, child marriage, and drugs and institutional for destitute children etc.

4.A child has a right to participate in any decision making that involves him/her directly or indirectly. There are varying degrees of participation as per the age and maturity of the child. It includes participation in arts and cultural activities, following any religion, being organized (forming a organization) etc.


Women's empowerment is the process in which women expand and recreate what it is that they can be, do, and accomplish in a circumstance

Bal Vikas Dhara also focuses empowerment of women. A woman should has economic, social as well as political strengthen. It refers to an environment for women where there is no gender bias and has equal rights in community, society and workplaces.


This event will bring together key stakeholders including Central Ministries/Departments, State Governments, leading Industry Bodies,.....

and trainees.Today, India faces complex and enormous challenges in fostering skills development for youths, for several reasons: the size of the youth population, and the hierarchical and segmented nature of both the labor market and society as a whole. Indeed, Indian young people fall into two main groups. A tiny fraction from economically well-off middle classes get good education and training and well-paid jobs in the organized sector. Meanwhile, the great majority of youth from economically and socially disadvantaged groups get very limited education and little access to vocational training. They work in the unorganized sector. The majority of Indian youth enter the labor market without adequate vocational skills, leading to unstable, informal, low-wage employment, such as casual labor and various forms of self-employment. Bal Vikas Dhara is taking forward the Skill India campaign launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi by running a number of skill development programme.


Digital Learning for Girls

Sponsor child

Child School enrolment

children access to safe drinking water

People Say

Bal Vikas Dhara is, successfully, working for children’s right and encourages efforts of women for their empowerment, providing services to youth for their skill development. Whatever is achieved by BVD, till now, that is only because of our staffs’ hard work and support of the community.
Hope staffs, community people, partners and all associates will continue to give their support, time and hard work for the welfare of society as a whole and we will be able to make child friendly society and able to ensure equal rights to all based on social justice.”

Dr. Bharat Singh
Bal Vikas Dhara

I am very happy to be a part of Bal Vikas Dhara. BVD, continuously, is working towards achieving its goal to build a prosperous nation and is stepping towards Child labour, child abuse and child trafficking free nation by mainstreaming them with education. Organisation is also working on women empowerment and youth development. For achieving this, our staffs, community people, partners, government departments, media played a crucial role and we would like to thanks them all. We wish this association and collaboration will remain continue in future as well. And I am confident we, together, will be successful in ensuring equal rights with dignity to all.

Dilip Kumar Baral
General Secretary
Bal Vikas Dhara

I am glad to work with organization like Bal Vikas Dhara. I had joint BVD as PC(Health) but now I am working here as a Programme Manager. Bal Vikas Dhara gives full chance to explore yourself. The betterment of society is the only motive of BVD.

Sanjukta Mohanty
Programme Manager

The best thing about BVD is being a grassroot organization that envoles directly with the community and get know the specific problems to be render. BVD also gives you full freedom to explore your inner and outer world. These things encouraged and motivated me to get engaged with the organization for the welfare and betterment of society. And now its been more than 3 years here my lonest association with any organization. The journey has just started. .

Muhammad Imran
Assistant Programme Manager,

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Recent News

  • 20 Jan, 2017

Annual Sharing with government Officials

Bal Vikas Dhara (supported by Plan) has organized Annual Sharing with Government Officials at SDMC Girls School....

Mahipalpur on 18th April -2018. Where, they had sharing of Resource Centre’s work.The Opening event began by Mrs. Sanjukta (PM BVD) formally welcome to all dignitaries on the dais and participants from schools and Guest with Greeting. Two School’s students Shradha, Megha and Jamina (BVD Staff) has give tilak & Flower to all guests – Principals & Teachers, Sanitation Dept., Malaria Dept., Aganwadi’s CDPO, Supervisor & Aganwadi’s Teachers. Mrs. Sanjukta has given Introduction herself and all Guest also gave introduction including with BVD Staff. Then PM introduced about Bal Vikas Dhara, Bal Vikas Dhara has main focus on CCCD (Child Centre Community Development). Bal Vikas Dhara is working in four communities Israel camp, Shankar camp, Nalapar, Tarachand (Rangpuri Pahari and Mahipalpur). Mr. Imran (APM, BVD) has spoken about overview of Program BVD. BVD has 7 thematic wise works-

1. Child Sponsorship,

2. CPCG (Child Protection and Child Governance)

3. Health (Healthy start in life)

4. ECCD (Early Child Care and Development),

5. Education,

6. WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene),

7. DLC (Digital Learning Centre).

He also shared about DLC (Digital Learning Centre) Project. EDLC is working for community Girls by providing Education through Digital centre.

  • 20 Jan, 2017

Freetobe campaign

Bal Vikas Dhara recently distributed books in MCD primary school, Sabzi mandi , Mahipalpur, New Delhi.

  • 20 Jan, 2017

Freetobe campaign

An online survey was organised in BVD working area with help of Plan India. In which total 2,571 girls denoted areas.......

in their community and nearby which are not safe for girls protection perspective. The participants also did comments on that particular area. That entire exercise took place to make delhi safer place for girls to live in.